Top Accurate Fortune-Telling in 2018 – The Best Fortune Tellers Networks

The practice of fortune telling has been around for millennia.

Since the ancient time, the human has yearned for insight about the future. That was the premise for the start and development of this future prediction method.

Nowadays, fortune telling has been conducted and followed in the worldwide contexts.

Many claim that the act of foretelling fortune is very essential.

By talking to the fortune teller, each individual can easily figure out what will happen to them in the upcoming months or years.

Being generally regarded as the practice of psychic divination, the scope of fortune telling is identical in the occult community with the considerable number of practitioners and believers.

Notice that the ritual of forecasting fortune often alludes to the less formal setting.

Fortune tellers will offer divine messages to the truth seekers in the forms of suggestions or advisories rather than 100% assertion.

Psychic NetworkEstablished sinceCertified PsychicsTypes of ReadingsPrice 
1995NoChat, email webcam Free until booking Learn More
1989YesChat, email webcam, phone$10 for 13 mins. Learn More
1996YesChat, email, phone3 mins free Learn More
2004YesChat, email, phone$10 for 15 mins. Learn More
2008YesChat, email, phone$0.19 per min. Learn More
1999YesChat, phone webcam6 mins. free Learn More
1995YesChat, email, phone$1.99 for 10 mins. Learn More

List of Psychic Networks Offering Fortune Telling Readings for FREE

1. Oranum


Looking for a quick response 24/7 from an outsider with extraordinary power? Then I recommend you to check out Oranum! At this website, you can try the psychic reading no credit card via free chat rooms with an absolutely free account. The clear guidance from Oranum advisors will help you move towards a brighter path in life.

Register for a completely free psychic session here!

2. Psychic Source

Psychic Source

Over 25 years of experience, Psychic Source is a leading psychic network having a large selection of gifted, trustworthy advisors. Come to this place and you can ask for a reading by phone or chat online. Rates are very affordable – if you are the first-time customer, you will be offered a consultation up to 30 minutes at a low price: $1 per minute, plus 3 minutes for absolutely free.

3. Kasamba


Not only well-known for chat psychic readings, but Kasamba also offers their service over telephone. For the new customers, this network will come with the discount up to 50% for the first session. Much greatly, you will be given 3 free minutes at the beginning of your reading, whether you are the newcomer or regular client.

4. Asknow


When it comes to psychic readings online, you shouldn’t miss out AskNow. This network delivers their service by phone and live chat, and has the largest selection of spiritual advisors for your choice. Very spot-on, accurate and compassionate, what a psychic says will guide you through all difficulties and challenges in life. AskNow offers a free 3 minute psychic session for newcomers and has 100% satisfaction guarantee on all types of readings.

5. LifeReader


Not really a popular network, but LifeReader is such a good alternative if you are seeking a reliable fortune telling reading. This place is a home of many intuitive, legit psychic experts, available 24/7 online. With every new customer, they will get genuine guidance from a 4-minute psychic chat session for completely free.

6. Psychic Access

Psychic Access

Active in the psychic industry since 2005, Psychic Access is a small yet popular network. Many truth seekers come to this place because of its popular phone psychic reading service. New to Psychic Access? Then sign up for a free account and receive a free 6 minute session no charge. Offering reasonable rates, give this network a go!



Lastly, KEEN is a psychic network that was in this field since 1999. Throughout +20 years, psychic advisors there have offered multiple consultations to thousands of customers. New clients visiting KEEN will be given 3 minutes to talk to a psychic for free – ask any life question for the insightful answer. After the free session is over, you will get charged at different rates, depending on your situation and the psychic readers.

Read the Most Accurate Fortune Telling About Your Future

Finding the Most Accurate Fortune Teller Online

Finding the most accurate fortune teller online.

Everybody desires to read about their fortune in the accurate demeanor so that the cosmic plan for the destiny richness can be set up beforehand.

Hence, if knowing ahead your fortune is the only way to live with ease, wisely concern yourself with the restless interest in the most precise fortune telling pieces available on the top-rated websites namely KEEN, ORANUM, Psychic Source, Psychic Power, etc.

Obviously, only the experienced and verified Psychics can produce the words of accuracy. When talking to the accurate fortune teller online, be receptive to listen to their discernment, advice, and answers to your Free Psychic Questions regarding the fortune secrets.

Expect to experience many different forms of Free Online Fortune Telling from Tarot card reading to Crystal Ball Gazing (also termed as Crystallomancy or scrying).

If the Psychics predict that your destiny lies in misery rather than richness, what should you do?

Instead of getting irritated or upset, it is much better to ask for adequate solutions to get the problems handled and boost the good aspects. The immediate consultation promisingly helps to gain the fresh insights about your existence in the slightest manner.

Otherwise, it is welcomed to send your question to the Tarot readers or the crystal experts via the Email contact. By explaining clearly your cases, you’ve given yourself the gifts of clarification and vitality.

The online Fortune Tellers work on the basis of your given information. Hence, be concise yet comprehensible while chatting, phoning, or emailing your diviners!

In order to receive the accurate interpretations about your destiny, rest assured that you ask the exact questions using WH-structure or other empowering phrases!

Opt the Crystal ball reading or Tarot card reading to disclose the future store from the home comfort and see how bright your ambiance is!

My Top 5 Fortune Telling Methods

Want to gain clarity and insights into your future?

Then just ask the free fortune teller online your question!

They will provide you the fortune telling service, helping you get the answer to your questions. An authentic fortune teller will give you great guidance, but remember – you are responsible for your future.

No one can exactly predict your future. If the prediction did occur, it is because your intention and thinking have influenced on it.

What is the best choice? What will lead you to the right path?

Here, I give you a brief description of 5 best methods of telling fortunes.

Of course I will dig more detail on these methods in the future, but now is everything you need to know:

1. Cartomancy2. Astrology3. Palmistry4. Numerology5. Crystal Ball

Future Predictions With Cartomancy

Future predictions with cartomancy.

Fortune telling by cartomancy means your fortune teller will predict your future with a deck of cards. Any sort of cards – it could be Tarot, oracle or playing cards – can help obtain deeper spiritual insights.

With predictions by cartomancy, you will be able to discover yourself and your future as well. The cards give you the vision on what is happening to you, assisting you in handling daily situations.

If talking about the most famous deck, then Tarot comes first of course. Yet, as I say above, still lots of different decks exist. It depends on the spiritual connection between the psychics and divine cards.

Some might go well with the Doreen Virtues deck, while a few prefer the fairy deck, for example. The art of cartomancy is impressive. Via the stunning artwork in a vast array of cards, you can sense what the art wants to tell you spiritually.

For now, cartomancy makes the top of my favorite fortune telling methods list.

Predicting Your Future Using Astrology

Predicting your future using astrology.

Even if you know nothing about the zodiac signs’ meaning, you all certainly know your sun sign. For those who aren’t 100% sure, it’s because they were born on a cusp.

Astrologically, a talk with the free fortune teller by date of birth can give you overall description about your zodiac sign. Analyzing the birth chart (natal chart) that covers your star sign and moon sign as well as other elements will reveal who you really are.

Also check out future horoscope predictions using your birth date to get your future revealed. The universe, via horoscopes, gives you inspirations with universal wisdom, allowing you to understand your true self better.

What’s in the stars for your love life this year?

From today, try free fortune reading about love with an astrologer for detailed answers on your heart problems.

Discovering Your Life Secrets by Reading Palms

Discovering your life secrets by reading palms.

Have you ever had a palm reading yet? What is it?

First appeared in India, palmistry is a common practice predicting one’s future by reading their palms. The saying “Your life is in your hands” is absolutely correct with this method. The lines and other patterns in your palm can tell you your fate.

The palmist will always consider your dominant hand firstly; it indicates your work life, and how you represent yourself to the world. On the other hand, your non dominant hand gives you hints regarding your personal relationships and emotional struggles.

Most interestingly, palms do change. I suggest you to visit the palm reader once a year to see the alteration.

From my experience, palm reading is the most well-known method out there.

Numerology Can Unlock Your Future Life

Numerology can unlock your future life.

Here comes another way to unlock your life’s future.

Truthfully, numbers do have great influence on human life. And, thanks to numerology, we are able to gain an insight into our inner selves and tap into our life purposes with ease.

What do your numbers say about you?

By studying the number based on your name or date of birth, the fortune teller free online real can tell you what kind of personality traits you have, what might assist you in life and what could influence you in the near future.

Not over yet, the life path number allows you to explore your motivations, talents, likes and dislikes. Considered as guidance, numerology is a tool that helps you understand who you are and have a better life.

Get to know yourself deeply by talking to free professional numerology advisors NOW.

Fortune Telling Reading with A Crystal Ball

Fortune telling reading with a crystal ball.

What kind of life is waiting you ahead? Feel curious to know?

Well, you can get help from the crystal ball. This method is called “scrying“!

Mentioning about the fortune telling, you often think about the fortune teller looking straight into a crystal ball. A free online crystal ball reader is able to find the answer to your problems and give you divine guidance for your life.

The prediction accuracy seemingly depends on your question.

How the free fortune telling crystal ball works?

The reader will base on the energy you put through your questions while connecting to the Higher Force from the crystal ball.

Keep in mind that a negative question could attract negative energy and lead to a negative prediction. Always make positive questions for positive energy in order to gain the genuine answer.

Most Questions Asked in a Fortune Telling Session

Truth seekers, many of them, don’t really know what to prepare before a psychic reading. In this guide, I inform you questions most frequently asked, making sure you can gain the best from your fortune teller.

There are a variety of inquiries to make during a spiritual session. You can ask your reader almost anything, from your future, love life, family, children and health to career, finances and even past life.

Nevertheless, I sincerely advise you not to ask questions involving numbers. Why?

It’s actually difficult to make predictions about your future when it comes to numbers. The reason is – the future is not set in stone. Even just a slight change at present can lead to a big change in the result.

Check out the list below – good questions to ask a fortune teller:

1. What can you tell me about (love, marriage, career, or any important area to you)?

This is a great question to start off.

Think about one or two areas of your life you are most concerned about and talk to your psychic. If you want an in-depth reading, don’t add up too many issues as the reader is unable to explain all in detail.

2. Is there any new beginning awaiting me ahead? Should I look out for it?

No matter how hard you cling to one thing, it has to change at certain times.

Luckily, knowing when your new beginning starts will help you catch and fulfill all the opportunities completely. The accurate fortune teller’s guidance will lead you to a brighter life path.

3. What changes I need to make in order to gain success in (a certain area of your life – love, family, finances, etc.)?

This question is also a great one to ask. Whether you have experienced bad things or not, the psychic’s answer can help you avoid potential challenges and dangers as well in the near future.

Rather than telling you typical results, your reader will focus on what you can do, helping you recognize which change is the best for you.

4. What does the Universe (Divine, Spirit Guides or Guardian Angel) want me to do at this moment?

Based on this wise question, a psychic reader can tell if you did prepare before the reading or not.

Via the answer, you will know which areas the Universe might want you to choose and try out. Maybe you are worrying about your love life, but career is actually the aspect you should put in the priority.

5. Am I currently limiting myself or my capacity?

By asking this inquiry, you will obtain the insight into difficulties in which you need to take action. Most of you often ignore an issue – in fact, doing nothing can’t lead you to a healthy life path.

Get the psychic’s advice and you are able to overcome obstacles currently surrounding you.

How about testing the legitimacy of a fortune teller?

In order to know whether your chosen reader is trustworthy, professional, simply ask them to give a brief description about yourself. Believe me, this is an extremely efficient way to find out the accuracy of their predictions because you already know the answer.

So if the fortune teller comes with precise results, then you can trust them. They certainly will offer you decent answers.

In addition, ask for advice if you are suffering from tough, depressed situations.

Those who are into the spirituality realm have great curiosity for Past Lives. Asking any question revolving this area will widen your knowledge about the world after the human physical life.

So, in general, you can just ask anything, really.

But, keep in mind that NEVER ask some really nonsense, stupid questions like “will I meet my true love”, “will I be happy” and so on. I also suggest you NOT phrasing yes or no queries because they deliver less information and usually cause disappointment.

Cliché, boring and flat, you can learn nothing in those questions.

If you have no time and want quick answers, you still can ask yes or no questions.

The thing is, you should ensure those questions are either black (100% no) or white (100% yes), without the gray area.

Benefits of Fortune Telling Service

Have you ever thought of fortune telling as an option whenever having concerns in life?

How to get yourself a best free fortune reading? Where can you talk to a top-rated fortune teller?

As mentioned above, a fortune teller can communicate with their customers by using various methods. Such services may include Tarot card readings, numerology, astrology, palm readings, and more.

Regardless of different ways of communication, all share an ultimate goal – providing truth seekers deeper clarity into this life employing the spiritual power. They also counsel you and provide empowering guidance that can solve your problems and decide your destiny.

The service of free fortune teller predictions has many benefits:

Save time and money

Fortune Telling Online Can Save Time and Money

Fortune telling online can save time and money.

For many successful entrepreneurs, time is money; and this is also the first benefit of the fortune telling reading.

In the past, before a traditional psychic session, you have to get dressed and drive over to the reader’s location. Then you will go back home when the session ends. Fortunately, nowadays, you can ask for a psychic session online while still sitting comfortably on the sofa.

Thanks to the Internet, you can make connection with a fortune teller via chat rooms, email or by phone. This way helps people (even the busy one) attain the psychic’s genuine answers with ease and convenience.

You’ll also save the expense for traveling, too.

More convenient and privacy

Fortune Telling Online is Comfortable and Private

Fortune telling online is comfortable and private.

When receiving a reading, make sure you feel comfortable, mentally, emotionally and physically. To most people, they find home more comfortable than anywhere else.

With an online fortune telling service, you will sense the comfort from your bed.

Going nowhere yet you are able to contact with a professional psychic advisor. While listening to the spiritual guidance, you will also enjoy the coziness of your home.

Conveniently, you will have more time drawing up a specific list of questions. This save your quality time spending on with your fortune teller.

Perks and freebies

Get Yourself an Absolutely Free Fortune Reading

Get yourself an absolutely free fortune reading.

Another benefit of using the online fortune telling predictions is – the fortune teller usually offer special treatments to potential clients.

One free question, psychic readings with 3-6 minutes free, 100% absolutely free video chat readings – these freebies reflect the psychic advisor’s high level of confidence as well as display their accuracy and reputation.

There are several advantages of using the demo reading. This service will ensure the online fortune teller you choose is reliable and talented, prevent you from getting scammed and protect you out of potential risks.

Online fortune telling will add much value to your reading experience.

When you’re looking for a Tarot card reader, an authentic palmist or a right astrologer, the most importance is the personal connection.

Go with someone who utilizes the method you’re seeking for help, since they enable to understand what you truly need and connect to you on a deeper level of energy.

Freely put your questions referring the article “Most Accurate Fortune Telling” in the box here for the immediate replies.

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