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Fear is regarded as a mind-killer. It exists in most of us and places. This panic feeling manifests itself in various forms and shapes. Some fear animals, height, darkness or loud sound. Some fear complexity, failure, insecurity, retirement unemployment, or unknown things. Among hundreds of fears, there is a fear for an unknown future. However … Read more

Difference Between Astrology And Fortune Teller

Difference Between Astrology And Fortune Teller

In the old days, people have always craved for the unknown. With a huge desire to discover events-to-be, the people, themselves, have created dozen of methods of fortune telling such as numerology, I – Ching, palmistry, astrology and so forth. It can be said that fortune telling is the practice of forecasting the future and … Read more

Difference Between Fortune Tellers And Psychics

Fortune Telling reading and Psychic Reading are present in every civilization. People who indulge in some types of paranormal practices tend to possess a deep sense of spirituality. Although neither technique have scientifically proven, both still have been globally popular. In most cases, humans long to find the true meaning and purpose in their lives. … Read more