What Is A Fortune Teller?

In fact, the process of Fortune Telling has been practiced for centuries. Humans have always desired to know what their future has been stored. As a result, it is not totally difficult to understand the reasons why more and more people have tended to ask the supernatural force for help. Who does not yearn for a glimpse – even though only for a few moments – of the future prospect to see whether their destiny lies in ruin or wealth?

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A Fortune Teller and Her Paranormal Work

Fortune telling is described as a process in which a reader will make use of her intuitive gift to help an ordinary person take a glance at what will happen to him in the near future. Of course, an individual who carries out divination will be known as a Fortune Teller. Interestingly, to make the divine process smoother and more powerful, this holy person will use various extraordinary methods. No matter what forms of Fortune Telling she takes, the basic process seems to be the same: finding the true meaning in random phenomenon and patterns. Want to know more details about the paranormal work of a holy reader? Consult some typical methods below:

What Is A Fortune Teller?
  • Divination by laughter and cats! Can you believe this?

    Some of the claimed methods for divination are very bizarre. For example, Gelomancy includes thoroughly listening to the hysterical laughter for some certain clues about the future. Besides, individuals who practiced Felidomancy are supposed to reveal the future via observing the cats. Most of us know that a black cat crossing our path will prophesy the bad luck; did we know that sneezing can be a cat’s way to forecast rain?
  • Numerology & Palmistry

    Some Fortune Tellers believe that our name (or even how many letters in our name) is totally able to provide the significant clues to what our future shall hold. Just interpret our name and something around its mysteries, we may discover how it relates to our personality traits.

When it comes to Palmistry, it is considered as the divine method based on the lines, patterns, curses, etc. on our palm. It is occurred that each of us is born with different palm lines; thus, our destiny will not be similar to each other. In general, to perform this kind of divination, a reader needs to possess the high intuition and many years of experience. Several equally unlike techniques are applied today including Astrology, Tarot cards readings, Tea leaf readings, Rune readings, etc.

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