Difference Between Psychic And Intuitive

In general, the words “intuitive ability” and “psychic ability” may be interchanged, right? However when they are closely linked, there can be truly a difference. Want to know this difference? Wish to discover whether we possess intuitive or psychic capability? It is time to consult this article now!

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What Is Intuitive Power? How Is It Different From Psychic Ability?

direction that may not be logically explained. Some people often refer to intuitive capability as gut feeling or hunch. For instance, when meeting someone new, we can have our first impression of this person, and that gut instinct can allow us to trust him/her or not.

Difference Between Psychic And Intuitive

In some cases, we may also think of our intuition as our inner voice, higher self, or simply one part of our connection to anything bigger than us. Once we are really quiet, this inner voice might become clearer.

On the other hand, psychic ability tends to be more detailed and intuitive than intuition. Normally, it often builds upon our specific intuition, and gives us more insight and clarity, usually with more particular messages. These types of messages can be provided via clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance.

For example, once meeting someone new, we are able to “see” a picture or “know” a specific detail about his/her life – this will be more psychic than intuitive information.

So, Are We Psychic Or Intuitive?

It is supposed that everyone possesses intuition, and it is possible for each individual to enhance their Psychic capabilities, too. Of course, doing this may make navigating life easier, and also assist us in living the better life we expect. However, beginning this journey may be truly daunting, just like opening a Pandora’s box. However, the reward is believed to be worth it. The mainstream and modern society has had a tendency to treat the occult topics as scary, yet it is not truly necessary. Actually, a legitimate and reliable Psychic often has a genuine desire to offer the information in the safe, friendly, and beautiful manner.

Luckily, our intuition in the day-to-day life often requires us not only to learn how to notice it, but also to put our whole trust in it. Certainly, psychic and intuitive information seldom makes the logical sense at the outset. At times, it takes a few days, weeks, or even years for the detail to make sense. Although this may be highly frustrating, it is always worth the wait.

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