Difference Between Astrology And Fortune Teller

In the old days, people have always craved for the unknown. With a huge desire to discover events-to-be, the people, themselves, have created dozen of methods of fortune telling such as numerology, I – Ching, palmistry, astrology and so forth. It can be said that fortune telling is the practice of forecasting the future and often apply for each individual via supernatural and mystical means.

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Is there anything different between astrology and fortune teller? Which one can help us foresee the future better? Take a look at the information here.


Astrology is defined as a study of the positions of the movements of the planets and the stars in a belief that they will influence human. Astrology requests an exact time, date of birth and place of the particular person (supplying the name is also necessary). When having enough information, an astrologer will give predictions about the future through applying the astrology’s law (determine the moving planets, their characteristics, etc.)

Difference Between Astrology And Fortune Teller

In other words, astrology is considered as the science because of the mathematical calculation. One interesting thing is that almost cultures hold a few of form of astrology and even have a great combination between psychology and astrology. Astrology will be availed for knowing individual’s relationship and personality, predicting incidents-to-be, etc. For example, farmers use astrology to know which the best time for harvesting and planting. In history, the astrologers saw the moving planets to foresee which events happened – bad or good, and lots of things.

Fortune Teller

A fortune teller is a person who might foresee and tell you whatever they think will happen to you in the future. Normally, the fortune teller will look at specific things and then tell what a person might do in the future. They often use common methods including pendulum reading, palmistry, tarot reading, crystallomancy (reading via a crystal sphere), tasseography (reading tea leaves) and so forth.

In sum up

When searching for a gifted fortune teller, it’s rather important to understand each different type of methods which the fortune teller applies. Depending on his/her psychic abilities, he/she will help trouble-having people obtain clear insights into their life and learn how to deal with problems. In addition, the fortune telling also assists them to make up their own destiny.

Accordingly, astrology and fortune teller is certainly different. It’s because astrology is just a type of fortune telling which the fortune teller uses for divinations. And what do you want to know about your future? Which type will be suitable? All are conditional on your choice.

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